Showcasing killer examples of beautifully designed, super-effective portfolio websites.


I'm Mike Harmer – a designer and developer based in York, UK. I created Killer Portfolio to celebrate one of my favourite pieces of internet – the portfolio website.

For me, Killer Portfolio is my love letter to a fascinating medium.

Away from the confines of meddling clients and hovering art directors, the portfolio website presents a clean slate for self-expression and a platform for unique concepts that might have otherwise not seen the light of day.

Portfolio websites are the perfect breeding ground for creative web design.

I love to see how creative people talk about and position themselves. Finding unique ways to present different types of work, and the delightful interactions that bring things to life.

Uncovering all the little details that make a truly great experience.

I'm here to unlock the secrets of what makes a killer portfolio, and create a great resource for folks staring at that blank page!

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