Showcasing killer examples of beautifully designed, super-effective portfolio websites.

What makes a killer portfolio?

Websites are featured based on the following criteria...

The Work

A portfolio exists to show the work of its creator. Clearly, effectively and in a way that resonates with the person considering hiring them.

Killer portfolios do this with great content, and by being selective about what they show.

Beautifully considered images that convey the work at a glance, with snappy and easy to digest copywriting to back it up.

The Design

Got the content down? Time to make it shine.

The design of a portfolio can make or break its effectiveness – great design decisions really help to elevate the presentation of work, and craft a user experience that makes it a joy to consume.

Design is also a perfect opportunity to differentiate and show some personality to help stand out in a crowded market.

The Development

A great portfolio website is just as much about how it works as how it looks.

You could have the greatest work in the world... but if your portfolio takes forever to load, breaks on mobile, or is clunky to use then folks aren't going to stick around long enough to see it.

Killer portfolios nail the technical side, and use clever techniques to optimize the visitor's experience of the site.

The Experimentation

This is what keeps me coming back to the portfolio website as such a fascinating medium – they're the perfect creative playground and space to experiment.

Away from the confines of meddling clients and hovering art directors, the portfolio website presents a clean slate for self-expression and a platform for unique concepts that might have otherwise not seen the light of day.

Who makes Killer Portfolio?


This guy! 👋

I'm Mike Harmer – a designer and developer based in York, UK. I created Killer Portfolio to celebrate one of my favourite pieces of internet – the portfolio website.

I'm here to unlock the secrets of what makes a great portfolio, and create a great resource for folks staring at that blank page!

You can follow me on Twitter for the latest featured posts and musings on portfolio websites.

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