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A fresh and vibrant portfolio, bringing old school vibes into the modern era.

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Brass Hands’ site has a cool retro vibe with a ‘news ticker’ at the top of the home page that pulls out some of their latest highlights.

Case studies

Then things get serious with a list of their top case studies, and a link to view all of them on the Work page.

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Case studies Case studies

Further down the home page, continuing the news ticker approach, are some great testimonials that really help to back up the work.


The home page finishes off with a simple and clear call to action.

Call to action
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Case study intros Case study intros

The case studies are brilliantly put together – leading with a thorough background and explaining the story behind the project first…

Case study visuals

… then following that up with really strong visuals.

Case study visuals

Each case study has its own color and little quirks, and they do a great job of linking to the live project at the end.

Case study visuals

The Studio page is brilliant – I loved this ‘values’ section which uses sticky positioning and blinking text really nicely.

Studio values
Mike Matas portfolio

A stunning and perfectly executed minimalist horizontally-scrolling timeline portfolio.

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