Ben Powell

Ben Powell portfolio

A lovely full-screen-hover list of projects makes this clean portfolio stand out.

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The structure of Ben’s portfolio is great – showing only his absolutely essential details in the header, and dedicating all the space to his work.

Hovering over the list gives you a beautiful full-screen takeover effect, with nice subtle transitions that don’t overload the page.

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Full-screen design project list Full-screen design project list

Ben is a filmmaker as well as a designer. As you scroll down to the film section of the list the colors are inverted, creating a clear separation between the types of work.

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Full-screen film project list Full-screen film project list

At the bottom of the home page, Ben goes into more detail about his offering – sharing his services, notable clients, a concise history of his career and some nice, non-cliché personal details.

Info section

His project case studies are consistently laid out, with a different background color for each. The top of the page provides a brief summary, then gets you straight into a visual.

Case study header

Below the main image, there’s a section that goes into more detail about the project – what Ben’s role was and a well-written description of the approach he took.

Case study info

This is followed by beautiful visuals of the project, that have been put together really well to show off the quality of work.

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Case study visuals Case study visuals
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