Pooja Jadav

Pooja Jadav portfolio

A single page portfolio that's packed with character and lots of fun details.

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Pooja’s portfolio does a great job of showing off her illustration skills in the design of the page itself, as well as the work showcased. She’s created a fun, colorful and quirky home for her work.

The content is clear and concise, communicating what she does effortlessly.

Intro section

This ‘highlights’ section is cool, with the two rows of images scrolling in opposite directions, letting you see a large depth of work quickly.

Highlight images

The main featured projects go into a bit more detail on her role and show lots of lovely images.

Project section

I love the little squiggles that appear in each section of the page, which are animated and playful, and the use of different shapes behind the title of each project.

Project section

It’s nice to see a fun side project at the bottom of the page, and the footer does a great job of providing a ‘next step’ to see more work or get in touch.

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A lovely full-screen-hover list of projects makes this clean portfolio stand out.

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