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Loaded with unique and fun interactions, clever copywriting and top-notch visuals.

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Bornfight’s site doesn’t mess around – if you don’t interact with the page, it automatically scrolls you down through the projects to get you straight into the work.

Scrolling work

There’s a little scribble that follows your mouse everywhere, and is strangely satisfying to play with.

I love this little interaction at the bottom of the home page – as you hover over the text, a bunch of images spill out of it.

Hover me!
Spilling images hover effect Spilling images hover effect

The case studies do a great job of simply explaining the context, then showing beautiful visuals that are well-chosen and smartly laid out.

Case study intro
Case study images

I like this section at the bottom of each case study, celebrating their team by crediting them – so many agencies are faceless so it’s really nice to see this.

Case study credits

The main ‘portfolio’ page has an interesting top section, with the names of projects bouncing around the screen. Catch one and a little icon displays, as the others continue to move around.

Portfolio page

Another super cool interaction on the Studio page – hold down your mouse over the images in the corner to reveal a bit of backstory.

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Backstory images Backstory images

I love this Pantry page – a place to keep little experiments and side projects from their developers and designers.

Pantry page

Bornfight’s site is packed with fun little details that make it really unique.

I enjoyed this 404 page with an old school DVD bouncing screen vibe, and found a little easter egg when you’ve moved to another tab and come back with quips about agency life.

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Fun little details Fun little details
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