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A clean, well-organized portfolio website with brilliantly written case studies.

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Katie’s site is a great example of a really clear to-the-point portfolio, showing off her work in an easy to digest way.

The home page lists out her projects with beautiful imagery and a clear intro for each one.

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Home page projects Home page projects

The case studies themselves are really thorough and well-written – making it easy for the viewer to understand all the intricacies of the work involved, starting with a clear introduction and list of the work done.

Case study introduction
Case study section

The writing is great – making the thinking behind the projects clear and explaining why certain decisions were made.

Case study explanations
Case study details

This section on her About page really stood out – the ‘compliments folder’: such a great idea to use real screenshots of informal testimonials to help show some real-world feedback. I love this!

Compliments folder
Thomas Aufresne portfolio

A beautifully done developer's one-pager with a simple list of projects and recognition.

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