Bryn Taylor

Bryn Taylor portfolio

A fresh and crisply styled portfolio with really detailed and well-structured case studies.

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Bryn’s website has a beautiful minimal design, with some subtle sophisticated details that really elevate the work.

Work section

The accent color is constantly cycling between different pastel shades which adds a nice dynamic feel.

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Work grid hover Work grid hover

Hovering over the work items gives a slanted 3D effect to the project which feels cool to interact with.

About section

The About section is clear and well written, followed by some nice varied typographic sections.

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Experience and skills Experience and skills

Bryn uses sticky headings really effectively – alongside longer lists – to preserve the context.

Sticky sections

The case study pages are really thorough, well-written and structured to take the reader through the whole journey of the project.

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Case study pages Case study pages

It’s nice to see lots of in-progress work as well as the final outcome, which importantly helps to convey the experience of working with Bryn – not just the end result.

Case study pages

Let’s round things up with the new Resource section – Bryn has some really cool Webflow and Framer templates for sale, check them out!

Webflow templates
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