David Lubofsky

David Lubofsky portfolio

A stunning portfolio packed with fun micro-interactions, brilliant writing... and a 3D Llama.

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David’s home page is beautiful, with a bold headline and elements falling into place as it loads.

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Home page projects Home page projects

His projects are laid out really nicely in a staggered grid, with fun little graphic embellishments and cool semi-circle cutout images when you hover over each one.

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About me video About me video

This ‘about me’ video, shown at the top of the page and next to the call to action, is great – adding some personality and warmth and giving you an insight into David’s design values.

Case study intro

The case studies are where this portfolio really shines – brilliantly structured and written, with a perfect balance between visuals and text.

Case study content
Case study content

Each case study feels like it’s own story, painting a vivid picture of the work, passion and attention to detail involved in creating the work.

Case study content
Case study content

And finally – here’s another one for the ‘badass footers’ collection – a huge 3D Llama that follows your mouse around. Sweet!

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3D Llama footer 3D Llama footer
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