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A smooth flowing, interaction-packed digital product agency website.

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Cuberto’s site is overflowing with creative development.

There’s loads of cool animations and interactions with the scroll and cursor, and they use video well to bring the project to life.


Their projects are presented clearly, with bold headlines and large visuals.

Case study intro
Case study details

They strike a good balance between text to provide context around the project – check out that cool cursor interaction, pushing up against the horizontal rule! – and bold visuals, mixing nicely between full width and grid layouts.

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Case study visuals Case study visuals

There’s so many cool micro-interactions to discover: like this mouse over effect on the menu that gives a bit of ‘resistance’ as you try to move away.

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Sticky menu effect Sticky menu effect

Or this lovely shadow effect as you scroll down this section, making it feel like light coming in through a window.

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Background shadow effect Background shadow effect

This big ‘follow us’ section is great – elevating what could just be a bunch of icons into something bold and interactive.

Social links

Each page ends with a clear call to action to drive enquiries.

Call to action
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