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A clean portfolio with beautiful typography and great work set nicely on a grid.

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Projects listing Projects listing

Dan’s portfolio is refreshingly simple – I love the grid system with the large headings set across the page and the body content skewed to the right, creating a lovely reading experience.

Projects listing

The copy here is great.

There’s only a single image for each project… but Dan does such a stellar job of conveying his wealth of experience through the stories behind each one, that one image is all it needs.

Projects listing
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Call to action into About page Call to action into About page

The call to action at the bottom of the projects is clear and concise.

I really like the little transition when you click the ‘more about me’ link – the heading slides up and becomes the title of the About page.

About page details

The About page goes into more detail on Dan’s process and experience, again striking a great balance between detail and simplicity.

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Sennep portfolio

A polished portfolio website with stunning illustrations and micro interactions.

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