Dann Petty

Dann Petty portfolio

A simple, stylish portfolio that shows off a lot of great work, quickly.

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Dann needs little introduction to the web design world, and leans into that on his new portfolio site – a big bold headline, one sentence intro, and then straight into the work.

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Grid view Grid view

The big scrolling grid with small thumbnails does a great job of showcasing a vast range of work quickly, so you can instantly get a feel for Dann’s style.

Image view

Each thumbnail can be opened up to view the details of the work at close range. A simple, well-executed portfolio that cuts straight to the point.

Austin Malerba portfolio

A refreshingly simple portfolio concept – a 'best of' collection of demos shared on Twitter.

Pooja Jadav portfolio

A single page portfolio that's packed with character and lots of fun details.

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