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A delightful portfolio that uses mouse-based effects to engage you with the work.

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Decimal’s site lands on a full screen visual, and the mouse fun begins: as you move across the screen, a new random image or video appears.

It’s super fun to play with and a great way to show lots of their work quickly.

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Intro images Intro images

A concise intro follows, then it’s straight into their work listing.

Work intro

This is my favorite part of the site: the projects are presented in two columns that resize as you move your mouse to either side of the screen.

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Split work effect Split work effect

It’s a really cool and unique effect that I haven’t seen anywhere else, instantly making the site memorable.

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Split work effect Split work effect
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Case study hero Case study hero

The case study pages lead again with a full screen image.

Don’t miss the subtle ‘slide up’ at the bottom as the page loads, indicating that you can scroll down for more content, and the logo animating between random decimal numbers!

Case study intro

As you scroll through the case study, there’s a thorough write-up on the project background and work that went into it, followed by lots of lovely visuals.

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Case study work Case study work

I loved this section in the case studies – a large, glowing testimonial: a great way to shout about your work by putting the reader in the client’s shoes.


The About page does a great job of explaining their offering simply – the sparse grid layout offering a refreshing contrast to the rich visuals of the work sections.

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About page About page
Twohy Design Works portfolio

An impressive one pager that focuses on Kevin's story, inspiration and what frames his process.

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