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An impressive one pager that focuses on Kevin's story, inspiration and what frames his process.

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Kevin’s site is very simple, but super effective with some nice details thrown in. Check out the cool transforming cube logo:

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Transforming logo Transforming logo

All his visual work is presented via a beautifully edited video at the top of the page, showing his work in real-world action and a lot of behind the scenes process.

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Work video Work video

The bulk of the page is dedicated to Kevin’s story and approach to his design work. I like the floating cubes at the sides, tying in nicely with his logo and rotating subtley as you scroll.

Story section

The text is punctuated with underlined sections of text, that reveal an image to support what he’s saying and add some extra visual interest.

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It makes for a fun read, and feels very different to other designer portfolios – helping Kevin stand out and showing how seriously he takes his work.


Further down the page is a nicely presented call to action, backed up by a list of clients, skills and partnerships.

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