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An adventurous video production company portfolio with a unique vibe.

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Shameless plug: I created this site in my role at Slate Studio. I’m super proud of it and wanted to share some of the interesting features!

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Home page carousel Home page carousel

The home page kicks off with a big logo overlayed with their content – a mix of video snippets and news posts with lovely imagery to show off their latest and greatest work.

Work grid

Scroll down and you see a grid with more featured videos – when you hover a snippet plays to entice the visitor, and there’s a cool little ‘hand-drawn’ cursor that appears to prompt the click.

Talent roster

Further down the page there’s a roster of their talent, with a nice fluid transition into each artist’s page. The hand-drawn type in the sticky header changes as you scroll through each section.

Here’s my favorite part: when you reach the bottom of the page, the top section comes back into view.

Keep scrolling and the page loops back to the top, but with a different color scheme – the ‘home vs away’ toggle is an ode to the company’s farm league roots.

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Looping home page Looping home page

Open up the menu and each page has it’s own cool hand drawn hover state that animates to highlight the link.

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Menu hover effect Menu hover effect

The director’s showreel pages go big on imagery to show off their beautiful cinematographic work, with videos playing on hover and the subtle hand drawn cursors.

Director's showreel

The main Work section is split into categories, with different grid layouts depending on the amount of work that is shown.

Featured work page
Commercial work page

Click to play a full video and it pops up over the top, showing some key details and a link through to the artist’s page to see more… but giving the video itself all the screen real-estate so it can be fully appreciated.

Video player

The About page has some nice scrolling interactions, and this cool intro slide where different images appear and follow your cursor when you hover over the key words.

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About page About page
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