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A sleek portfolio website with great presentation of work and creative scroll effects.

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También get you right into the work on their home page, with a mix of video and still images that scroll in at different rates to set a cool vibe.

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Work item hover Work item hover

I really like the use of more ‘lifestyle’ video shots as you’re scrolling, then revealing the UI on the top when you hover over an item.

Presentation of website

This ‘home studio’ section is cool – switching the scroll direction to sideways and showing little behind-the-scenes type video snippets to add some character to the company.

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Homestudio scrolling section Homestudio scrolling section

También’s main Work section is a single scrolling page, with a really nice grid layout. They use a nice mixture of UI stills, videos and lifestyle imagery to make each project visually interesting.

Work page grid layout
Mix of stills, videos and lifestyle imagery

Each project has a short introduction to provide a bit of context – but the main focus is on the work imagery, which works really well.

Short project introductions

Their slide-out info panel gives a bit more background to the company, which a cool playful effect when you hover over each team member.

Slide-out info panel

Overall, También’s site is a really stylish, creative and clear presentation of their work. Great job!

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