Florent Biffi

Florent Biffi portfolio

A beautifully minimal portfolio, with a varied presentation of projects that works really well.

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Florent’s portfolio website does a great job of structuring the presentation of his projects, helping to make things easier to digest.

Featured projects

The top two projects show full imagery, allowing you to slide left/right to see more without clicking.

More projects

Further down the page, we get to see more projects – here there’s a nice image hover effect as you mouse over the titles, and they open up into a video presentation of the project.

Video presentation

The use of video works great, as the visitor doesn’t have to do much work to browse the projects: just watch the videos.

Project archive

Still want more? The Archive section gives a quick view on older projects, with a still image showing when you hover over each one.

Contact section

Florent’s site finishes off with a cool playful touch – hover over the ‘email’ link and you get a flurry of envelopes flying out from behind the text.


Michael Wandelmaier portfolio

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