Omse portfolio

A playful brand design portfolio with a unique vibe and bold effective navigation.

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Omse’s site opens with a cool warped version of their name that reacts to your cursor, and a large menu to help you get straight to where you want to be.

Scrolling to news

As you scroll down the name shrinks to reveal the news listing, with a varied mix of new work, company news and external features arranged in a grid whilst the sidebar remains fixed.

The menu also reduces down to a little ‘toggle’, which can be clicked to reveal the full menu with a nice fluid transition.

Season scroll indicator

I love how they’ve broken up the dates in the sidebar by seasons, with the indicator updating as you scroll through the news.

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Work page scroll Work page scroll

Over to the Work page, and there’s a really cool effect as you scroll through the projects – the video for each project starts in the middle of the screen and then expands to fill it.

Work page
Case study content

The case study pages are nicely laid out with a mix of full width and 2 column images, with large easy to read text to break things up and tell the story of the project.

Case study content

I like how they include the credits for their team and external collaborators at the bottom of the case study.

Case study credits
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Info page header Info page header

The Info page again features some really cool interactions – the main heading shows little visual snippets as you move your mouse around it, and the list of services highlights each one with a different image as you scroll through the list. Nice!

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Info page services Info page services
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