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A beautifully flowing portfolio site, with three great ways to view the work.

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The Plastic Bionic site is a thing of beauty. A nice animated image loader gives you a little preview of the work, before opening up to a full-screen view of projects.

Full screen view

The scrolling has a nice parallax effect to it, with the titles fixed in the center and overlapping in a satisfying way as you scroll through.

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Change view Change view

I love this ‘change view’ feature, allowing you to view the list of work in three different ways. Switching to Grid gives you a nice varied grid arrangement…

Hover me!
List view List view

… and switching to the List view shows a nice index-style listing, with the image for each project appearing as you hover.

Project intro
Project images

The project pages start with a striking image header, then a not-too-long description of the project followed by a series of beautiful, well-chosen visuals.

Next project

There’s a cool little ‘progress bar’ in the header that fills up while you scroll down, and as you reach the bottom of the project, it triggers a seamless transition into the next project page. Super nice!

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