David McGillivray

David McGillivray portfolio

A sophisticated, beautifully considered and minimalist design portfolio.

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David’s portfolio is really well executed, using great minimal style to give the content all of your focus.

Project listing

The home page gets straight into his projects – a cool horizontally sliding collection of cards with intriguing cover images.

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Case study headers Case study headers

The case studies all have their own color scheme which complements the individual project and the work shown, and a big bold cover image.

Case study details

Below that there’s a headline and short description of the project, followed by tons of stunning, well chosen visuals to show off his work.

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Case study images Case study images

I really like how the title in the sticky header changes – with each project and follows you down the page, so you always know what you’re looking at.

Projects pop-up

This pop-up projects menu is great also, letting you quickly navigate and find more work.

Work with me page

The ‘work with me’ page rounds the site off with straightforward, no-fluff language that gets the message across perfectly.

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