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A clean, minimal and well-organized portfolio website that puts all the focus on the work.

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Primary’s site leads with a simple, straight-talking headline, and then gets right into the work… with their top three projects shown using bold enticing images.

Home page featured projects

The home page also includes a list of services offered and a scrolling list of client logos to add some weight.

Home page info

I love the variety on the Work page hover images – mixing up isolated logos with images of them in use helps to add variety to the page, rather than feeling repetitive.

Sometimes you start with a logo, others you reveal it on hover.

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Variety on Work page Variety on Work page

The vibe from the home page continues on the case studies – each one has a stunning hero image that shows off the work beautifully.

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Case study heros Case study heros

Below you’ll find a nice, concise description of the project…

Case study description

… before the beautiful imagery continues: showing off each project with varied, well chosen images that really highlight the quality of the work.

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Case study images Case study images

The About page sums things up nicely, with a cool showreel video, expanding a little on the details of the studio and what kind of projects they take on.

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About page About page

It’s always good to use someone else’s words to give the reader a different perspective on what you’re saying… and who better than a legit design icon?

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