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A beautifully styled, eco-friendly portfolio website that's full of character.

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Eamonn’s site has a really warm, personable vibe – introducing who he is and showing a bit of personality with his illustrated surfboard collection, before getting into the list of his side projects.

Project listing

Each case study has it’s own color scheme that compliments the work, with a short intro to set the scene.

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Case study intros Case study intros

I love the ‘back story’ section that helps tell the story of the project in more detail.

Case study back story

Each section of the case study has a short, well-written description to explain the thinking behind the work, giving more insight than just the visuals on their own.

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Case study work visuals Case study work visuals

Eamonn’s About page does a great job of communicating his personality, using emojis and some personal photos to liven things up nicely.

I love the style of the geometric cropped images set against the waves backdrop (which runs throughout the site).

About me page

The ‘site’ page is really interesting – giving some insight into how it was built and the recognition it’s achieved.

It’s very cool to see the details on using renewable energy, and the thoughtful addressing of accessibility and privacy concerns.

Site details page
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A clean, minimal and well-organized portfolio website that puts all the focus on the work.

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