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One of the most unique, jaw-droppingly creative portfolio sites.

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Raw Materials’ blew me away with their truly unique portfolio website.

It’s a super long one-pager, with the navigation shown as blocks in the sidebar – as you scroll each one opens up to show where you are on the page.

Notice the little dot that shows your progress through the section, a really nice touch!

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Mission section Mission section

The first two sections introduce the company and their approach, with large engaging headlines and nice interactions.

Approach section

They’ve broken down a lot of big concepts and information and made it super easy to digest.

Approach section

The Work section is really cool, with each project opening up a little ‘drawer’ effect when you hover.

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Work list Work list

Each case study opens out on the page when clicked, revealing the full project seamlessly.

Case study

Each one is a work of art in and of itself – with a great mix of visuals and easy to read text that sets the scene and explains the work they did.

Check out this illustrated drone that follows you around for part of the case study!

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Case study Case study

The work is presented in a beautiful and vibrant way. It’s easy to scan and understand each section, whilst showing a huge depth of visual work.

Case study
Case study

The Contact section rounds things off nicely and adds a human touch, with quirky videos of the team members you’ll be getting in touch with.

Contact section
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