Wonderlust portfolio

A vibrant, playful animation portfolio with bold colors and delightful animations.

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Wonderlust’s site immediately grabs your attention with a cool, flowing intro: animating the logo, background and bouncing the headline text in – a great introduction that sets the tone for their animation work.

The home page displays their featured projects, beautifully chosen stills that come to life as you hover over them.

Home page projects

Each project has it’s own vibrant background color, adding character and giving the website a bold, fresh look.

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Project background colors Project background colors

As well as the main video for each project they display some perfectly selected stills, allowing you to quickly get a feel for the aesthetic of the work.

Project stills

Some projects also have a series of GIFs, displayed in a nice side-scrolling gallery that’s easy to manipulate.

Sliding GIF gallery

It’s always nice to see a Fun page on portfolio websites – a place to store little experiments and showcase the creativity of the company.

Fun page
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