Grace Walker

Grace Walker portfolio

A clever Twitter-style website that surfaces Grace's work and content in a natural, informal way.

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Grace’s website recreates a Twitter feed/profile and shows all the content using actual Twitter embeds.

The first tweet is a thread summarizing all her projects, making it super quick to delve into some snapshots of work, and join in the conversation on Twitter itself!

Intro tweet

This is followed by a little introduction, then individual tweets for each project. I love how approachable and easy to digest everything is, and it must be nice and easy to keep up to date, which is a great benefit.

Event tweet

The ‘highlights’ tab is another cool idea – this features Grace’s best tweets: takes on news from her niche, events she’s attending, achievements and client testimonials.

Client testimonial tweet

This is a really cool way to surface social proof: it feels informal and not ‘braggy’, just a natural part of Grace’s personal Twitter feed.

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