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A digital product studio portfolio packed with character and great storytelling.

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Belka’s portfolio website is brilliantly designed and executed, with loads of details to love.

The home page displays their featured projects, with a different background color for each slide giving each project it’s own place.

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Home page projects Home page projects

The content works great – a headline, summary, image and testimonial from the client – it’s easy to digest and get a feel for their work.

They use some long animated arms throughout the site to highlight key details and add context to the text. This really helps add some character and playfulness to their message.

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Playful hand animations Playful hand animations

The case study pages are really well structured and written to provide meaningful details about the work – this intro does a great job of summarizing the project.

Project summary

This scrolling interaction is really clever – as you scroll to the video it becomes smaller, making space for some text to appear to the side. This keeps the video on screen for longer, allowing you to read the text whilst keep the visual context.

Each case study feels like a great ‘landing page’ for the company – showing social proof in the form of client testimonials, and providing a clear call to action to contact them.

Case study content
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