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A great example of a freelance designer's website that communicates his offering as well as the work.

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Kieran’s site is really well polished, with an easy to digest introduction that quickly allows visitors to find out what he does and how he can help them.

I like the little details added to this profile section – the printers marks on the image, and the little date/location widget to show where he’s based in a different way.

Profile section

The work is shown in a side-scrolling carousel, with a lovely image chosen for each. It’s easy to quickly get an idea of his style and dive into the projects.

Projects carousel

A key part of a freelancer’s portfolio is communicate the services offered – Kieran does this really well, with his services clearly defined and explained.

Services table

It’s also nice to see this section on personal projects – a simple table with details and links to the projects – showing he’s got skin in the game, whilst not distracting from the main purpose of the site.

Personal projects

Into the case studies: they’re structured well and have a great balance between text and visuals, making them easy to digest and leaving a good impression with potential clients.

Case study intro
Hover me!
Case study content Case study content

At the end of a case study, the ‘up next’ section makes it easy to keep browsing through his work.

Up next section

The Services section does a really great job of clearly explaining how you can work with Kieran – going into lots of detail with thorough explanations, FAQs and concrete deliverables to help potential clients know what to expect.

Services details
Grafik portfolio

Presenting an incredible vast portfolio of work using a unique canvas-style view.

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