Charlota Blunarova

Charlota Blunarova portfolio

A fresh, modern and versatile portfolio that showcases Charlota's creativity.

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Charlota’s site opens with a clear summary of what she does and the types of projects she works on, then uses a full screen montage to show a range of impressive work quickly.

Home page montage

Below that, her projects are neatly organised, with impressive cover images and useful details about the work done on each project.

Projects list

The case studies are really thorough – it’s nice to see summary details like the industry and her specific role, as well as crediting others.

Case study intro

The visuals are nicely arranged in a simple grid layout, making it easy to scroll and digest the work.

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Case study visuals Case study visuals
Play section

The bottom of the home page highlights the Play page – it’s always great to see a space for playfulness and experiments!

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Play page Play page

The About page does a great job of showcasing Charlota’s experience, the type of work she does and the types of clients she works with.

About page

I loved this section – a place to manifest her ideal projects and get specific on why she is the best person to work with.

Projects to work on
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