Jesper Landberg

Jesper Landberg portfolio

A slick, minimal creative development portfolio with engaging interactions and glitchy vibes.

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Jesper’s development portfolio feels like a work of art in it’s own right. Everything flows wonderfully together and makes browsing his projects easy.

Home page projects

The home page gets straight into his projects – showing them with horizontal scrolling images vs vertical scrolling titles that lock together.

Little details like the title and ‘drag/scroll’ text color filling up, and the fluid movement of the images as you’re scrolling, create a really cool effect.

Project title

Each project seamlessly animates from the home page, with the image remaining in place whilst the background and text change around it.

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Project visuals Project visuals

The project visuals are few and very well chosen to highlight the style of his work. They’re easy to digest and quickly get a feel for the quality.

Glitchy images

The images themselves all have a subtle animated grain texture, creating a unique stamp that works across all his projects.

When you hover over them you get the same fluid glitchy effect from the home page, which is really satisfying to play with.

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Pull up navigation Pull up navigation

My favorite part was this ‘pull up’ navigation at the bottom of each project, leading to the next.

The circle surrounding your mouse cursor masks the next page underneath, and as you pull it up it transitions beautifully into the next project page.

Profile page

Finally, Jesper’s profile page is simple and bold, sharing a brief summary of what he does and backing up his talent with awards and industry recognition.

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