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Matt Plays portfolio

Beautifully arranged and full of great work, Matt's constantly evolving portfolio showcases the dedication to his craft.

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Home page canvas
Home page canvas

Matt’s site opens on a lovely ‘scrapbook-feel’ selection of his work, with highlights arranged organically to provide a great overview of his style, then leading you to see more.

Home page canvas

The Work page has a simpler grid layout, each with a well-chosen hover image, to showcase his case studies.

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Work page Work page
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Case study descriptions Case study descriptions

Each case study has it’s own hero image, and a brief description of the project which slides out nicely as you scroll down.

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Case study content Case study content

The visuals are lovingly chosen and he uses plenty of variety in their arrangement, making for a really interesting scroll through each one.

Case study content

At the bottom of the case study page is a stylish index list, so you can quickly go to another to keep viewing.

Case study menu

This ‘changelog’ page is super cool – showing updates Matt has made to the website as they happen. It’s really interesting to see how the site is evolving and read some behind-the-scenes insight into his process.

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