Fix Studio

Fix Studio portfolio

A really unique dynamic scrolling portfolio page with luscious case studies.

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Fix Studio’s site opens with a minimal grid and type combo with an introduction and all their key company details.

There’s a nice side-scrolling logo with mini images of their work visible at the bottom of the view, enticing you to scroll down.

Do that and you get to their list of projects. The images slide into view in a unique way as you scroll – I haven’t seen this effect anywhere before, so it really sets their site apart.

Case study intro

Each case study has an intro section similar to the home page, giving an overview and showing a sneak-peak at the work via the side-scrolling text area.

Case study images

The case studies themselves are beautiful – heavy on imagery and thoughtfully laid out to show off their best side.

Case study images

A final hidden detail – there’s a cheeky little dark mode toggle in the top right corner of the home page.

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