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When the home page comes with a seizure warning, you know it's going to be interesting.

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Ordinary Things’ website opens with a brash, quick moving showreel of their visual work mixed in with animating logo type, giving a bold first impression – if you can stomach the flashing images for long enough!

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Home page showreel Home page showreel

Their project listing provides a stylish background image on hover, with a cool custom mouse pointer to add some character.

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Project listing Project listing

The case studies have a clear top section summarizing their role in the project and what they achieved.

Project intro

They do a great job of presenting the visual work, with beautifully shot photo assets, and deep dives into the details of each project.

Project photography

I really liked this ‘recognition’ section in the footer of the project – linking out to commentary from other sources to add weight to their achievements.

Recognition section

Their Info section does a great job of explaining who they are and what they do – covering everything in depth but making it easy to digest, highlighting their values and sustainability issues they’re passionate about.

Info section

A nice extra touch – check out the ‘Tooot?’ page: hit ‘remix’ to alter the type and find bitesize chunks of their thinking and approach to business, as well as their office toilet choices!

Tooot? page
Jade Purple Brown portfolio

Just like the work – a vibrant, playful portfolio website and storefront.

Fix Studio portfolio

A really unique dynamic scrolling portfolio page with luscious case studies.

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