Lukas Guschlbauer

Lukas Guschlbauer portfolio

A minimal, easy to digest one-pager making great use of sticky-positioned titles.

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Lukas’ site greets you with a simple, to-the-point intro explaining who he is. The use of his Memoji in the bottom corner adds a personal touch.

Scrolling down

As you scroll down, the title is covered by the incoming project content…

Sticky project details

… and when the title bar hits the top, it sticks in place with the project details – but allows you to continue scrolling down through the images.

This feels really nice to interactive with, and is a great way to show more imagery whilst keeping the text in place to explain it.

This effect continues as you scroll down the page, making for a nice transition between each project.

Hover me!
Result vs in progress mode Result vs in progress mode

I also loved this little feature – a toggle between ‘result’ and ‘progress’ view: this is a great way to show some of the behind the scenes work that went into the project.

Profile section

The page finishes off with a clean, simple profile/biography, and provides a clear call to action with contact links to help visitors take the next step.

Fix Studio portfolio

A really unique dynamic scrolling portfolio page with luscious case studies.

Ander Agency portfolio

A bold, fun agency landing page with lovely scrolling storytelling.

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