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Presenting an incredible vast portfolio of work using a unique canvas-style view.

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Grafik’s site caught my eye with this killer feature – the grid of visuals extends off the page to the left and right, and you can use your mouse to reveal the canvas. This playfully immerses you in the work as you explore around the screen.

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Unique canvas interaction Unique canvas interaction

Each project has a slightly different grid, with certain items coming to life as videos to add extra interest.

Case study intro

Each project has a short, simple intro – then gets straight into the beautiful visuals, with lots of interesting layouts. Some items ‘stick’ as you scroll through different sections to pull your attention to key parts.

Case study grid

This slide-out index is really nice, allowing you to quickly jump between projects by clicking on the images.

Slide-out index menu

The projects feel really immersive, showing a huge amount of work in an easy to digest way. Again some items are playing videos to give you an insight into the interactions used.

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Project visuals Project visuals

The about page has a really cool warped profile image, and a simple background to Nick’s career with a long list of clients and awards.

About page

And here’s a final playful touch – click ‘hi’ in the top right corner to reveal a Guestbook! A sweet throwback to simpler times.

Six Socks Studio portfolio

A sophisticated horizontally scrolling portfolio with beautiful visuals and sleek development.

Kieran Parker portfolio

A great example of a freelance designer's website that communicates his offering as well as the work.

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