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A sophisticated horizontally scrolling portfolio with beautiful visuals and sleek development.

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Six Socks Studio’s site lands on a weird interactive ‘washing machine’ view that peaks your curiosity… what are we looking at here? Maybe some snippets of work or project visuals? I’m not 100% sure, but it feels cool to play with!

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Washing machine home page Washing machine home page

Go to the work page and things get more serious… a seriously stylish horizontal layout presenting their work, with beautifully chosen images and colors that create a really consistent, sophisticated vibe.

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Work list view Work list view

A nice hidden touch – click on the ‘long story short’ text in the intro, and the projects switch to a narrower, text-only version to present the absolute minimum amount of detail.

Long story short

The case study pages do a great job of presenting the work, using lots of lifestyle imagery in a unique way to give each project a lot of character.

Case study work

The side-scrolling layout provides some really nice lock-ups as you scroll through, mixing text and images nicely throughout.

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Case study work Case study work

The Studio page does a great job of explaining the services they offer and how they approach their work, and follows up on the lovely image and color combinations from the rest of the site.

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Studio info page Studio info page
Standard Projects portfolio

A modern, minimal design portfolio that does a great job of focusing on the work.

Grafik portfolio

Presenting an incredible vast portfolio of work using a unique canvas-style view.

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