Jade Purple Brown

Jade Purple Brown portfolio

Just like the work – a vibrant, playful portfolio website and storefront.

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Jade’s portfolio site goes all in on her ‘thing’ – bold and playful art.

Home page

The work listing page gives each piece plenty of room to breathe, with a funky cut-out shape hover effect.

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Work listing page Work listing page

When you open up a project, you can scroll through all the images whilst the information sticks to the bottom of the screen - making it really nice to appreciate the images in the context of the project.

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Work detail pages Work detail pages

I love the ‘Play’ page – a space for open-ended exploration with no structure, and a fun way to present work in progress.

Play page

Jade’s site also acts as a storefront for her rad products – I’ve gotta get me one of those beach towels for next summer!

Shop page

The Info page does a great job of telling Jade’s story, using vibrant sections of color throughout. I particularly liked the clickable ‘see more’ to flick through some lovely behind-the-scenes type imagery.

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Info page Info page
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A super detailed, delightfully interactive portfolio site that's full of easter eggs.

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When the home page comes with a seizure warning, you know it's going to be interesting.

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