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A super detailed, delightfully interactive portfolio site that's full of easter eggs.

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Marco really went hard on this home page!

You can interact with each section to explore Marco’s work and learn more about him, and there’s some really satisfying UI sounds when you click things – there’s so much to explore.

Hover me!
Interactive home page sections Interactive home page sections

I really like this hover effect when you’re about to click on a case study link, dimming down the other content to isolate the one you’re looking at:

Hover me!
Nice project hover effect Nice project hover effect

Keep scrolling…

Seriously, there’s so many cool little easter eggs to play with here.

Easter eggs

OK, OK, time for business – the Work page does a great job of clearly displaying and summarizing each project in a more uniform way.

Work grid layout

Inside each case study there’s more lovely interactions, along with thorough write-ups about the project and Marco’s role.

Case study content

Another great detail – clicking the ‘zoom’ icon on certain images gives you a larger version on a dark background, really helping to boost those crisp UI details.

Image zoom

Finally, Marco’s contact page does a great job of balancing the playfulness from the rest of the site with the utility of making it easy to contact him. The interactive text messaging is a really cool feature!

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