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A real love letter to product design – MAD's portfolio has so many fun details to explore.

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Dashboard style home page

MAD’s home page is a mish-mash of widgets that you can drag around – an OS-style dashboard that feels familiar, but with its own unique style.

Read the notes, cross of the to-do list items, and even mess with the shape handles on their logo.

Oh, and there’s links to the other pages too!

Work grid layout

Click into one of the pages and the dashboard widgets fly out of sight.

Now we’re down to business.

I love the balance between play and utility they’ve created here – in contrast to the Home page, the Work section is very direct… allowing the work to be appreciated without distractions.

Project case study

The project case studies clearly and concisely explain MAD’s work, and the pages feature beautifully composed large images.

About page

The About page brings back some of that playfulness, but not so much that it gets in the way.

These moveable notes explain their process, with cool hand-drawn animations showing up on hover.

Team page

The Team page is really cool – presenting each team member consistently, with an app-style popup to show more details.

Their Careers section brings back the dashboard feel of the home page, making it fun to explore their perks and what working at MAD is like.

I’m a huge fan of ridiculous 404 pages. So I was delighted to find MAD left no stone unturned with their site.

Got stuck on a dead page? Here’s a vast sea of toggles for you to play with while you contemplate your next move.

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