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Simple and stylish – a very minimal portfolio website, with one killer feature...

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Rolf’s website is super simple, but has some nice little details worth sharing. The page has a cool and eye-catching first look, with his name shown full-width in a custom font.

Hover effect to show experience

He uses a clever technique whilst hovering over his experience section to show what kind of work he did in his previous roles.

Portfolio video

But this final feature makes it a Killer Portfolio for me: he shows his work via a self-shot video of his laptop on a desk, with a bit of the room showing in the background.

It’s really refreshing to see a more ‘real world’ view of his projects – as they’re seen by actual users, rather than the super-polished mockups we’re used to seeing on designers’ websites.

Portfolio video

This gives the site a ‘warmth’ that you don’t often feel when compared with the more clinical, perfect shots.

Whiteboard portfolio

A stunning portfolio site with a vast collection of work showcased in a diverse way.

MAD portfolio

A real love letter to product design – MAD's portfolio has so many fun details to explore.

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