Nathan Riley

Nathan Riley portfolio

An infinite loop of imagery – a very simple concept, beautifully executed.

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Nathan’s site is very simple on the surface – a single feed of images: no zooming, no case studies, just lovely statement pieces of work.

Image grid scrolling effect

Click on the central card and it expands really nicely from the center to cover the full screen, showing you Nathan’s bio – simply presented with no fluff, with easy links out to his external profiles.

About pop-up

What really stands out is the implementation… the site scrolls infinitely, changing the color scheme slightly on each loop.

The attention to detail on the scrolling effect just makes it feel really good to interact with.

When scrolling gently, the columns scroll at different rates, and the images tilt slightly to give a three-dimensional feel.

But give the trackpad some beans and the site flies at warpspeed through all the images!

Ander Agency portfolio

A bold, fun agency landing page with lovely scrolling storytelling.

Whiteboard portfolio

A stunning portfolio site with a vast collection of work showcased in a diverse way.

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