Radilson Gomes

Radilson Gomes portfolio

A beautifully executed portfolio with amazing micro-interactions and in depth case studies.

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Radilson’s site kicks off with a fun personal touch – hovering over his name reveals the shortened version, changing the headshot from looking at the text to direct at the camera.

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Home page intro Home page intro

Next up, there’s a nice short selection of projects with a bold headline and cover image.

Work listing

Everything slides into place smoothly. I love the staggered indentation on the headings (carried on throughout the site) that adds something a bit different and helps the site flow.

Work listing

The Playground section features experiments and side projects, with a pop-up revealing more details and visuals, showing Rad’s passion for his craft.

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Playground section Playground section

The About section is thorough, easy to read and engaging – using the shape from his logo to crop the image is a nice touch!

About section

The case studies are very thorough, with a clear intro to explain the basics and link directly to the final product.

Case study intro

Rad does a great job of writing about his work – framing the challenges, explaining his process, and showing the tangible outcomes of the project.

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Case study writing Case study writing

The visuals are beautiful, well framed and mocked up – with captions when needed, or on their own when they can speak for themselves.

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Case study visuals Case study visuals

I loved this ‘key learnings’ section at the bottom, a space to reflect on the project takeaways and show that he is always learning.

Key learnings
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