Thomas Quigley

Thomas Quigley portfolio

A stylish portfolio that does a great job of teasing password protected case studies.

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Thomas’ case studies are all password protected, but his site does a great job of showing the quality of his work regardless.

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Intro scrolling visuals Intro scrolling visuals

There’s some lovely scroll effects in the intro section, with visuals of his work scrolling into view with nice rotating transitions.

Case study listing

Things get more uniform to showcase the case study links, with a well chosen image and some basic details on the project.

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One-pager One-pager

This part is really cool - a ‘one-pager’ that summarizes his skills, approach to design and past achievements in an easy to scan way.


The footer is really strong, changing the background color as you scroll to it, and providing links to next steps.

14islands portfolio

A beautiful company portfolio website using organic shapes and hover effects to immerse you in their work.

Radilson Gomes portfolio

A beautifully executed portfolio with amazing micro-interactions and in depth case studies.

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